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5 Ways to Convert Leads

Real estate sales is a contact sport, one in which you need to be face-to-face with potential buyers and sellers every day. Yet, most agents don't have a systematic, effective follow-up plan to convert potential leads into listings, sales and, ultimately, income.

The fortune is in the follow up, and you're missing opportunities when you don't properly communicate and connect with potential new clients I always say, "Opportunities aren't lost they go to somebody else."

1. Ask more questions and lead the conversation.

The best way to qualify any potential buyer or seller is to ask them a lot of good questions. Direct the questioning toward how you can best help them solve their objectives. Asking them, "Where do you want to live and when do you want to be there?" is an easy way to learn where they're interested in living as well as their timeline. Asking better questions will keep you in the driver's seat, allowing you to get their answer and ask the next follow up question.

2. Add more value during your conversations.

If you add tremendous value that creates a better experience for your potential client, you will win at adding value to convert more leads into clients and newer client leads into appointments. You can add real value to a conversation by saying, "I understand you're thinking of moving within six to 12 months; however, it may be in your best financial interest to move sooner. Here's why."

3. Focus on a weekly listing appointments

Appointments and conversations make sales happen, so you must fill your weekly schedule with appointments. Set your intention to obtain four listing appointments a week, then do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. When you reach your goal, make 10 more calls. Be extremely intentional about achieving the number of listing appointments and then wildly fanatical about making sure you get them. This is the difference between average and meteoric sales results.

The best way to qualify any potential buyer or seller is to ask them a lot of good questions.

4. Commit to five contacts.

There are coaches and coaching companies that say if a lead ghosts you after three times, ditch them and find another lead. This is not my strategy at all. In fact, it takes five contacts to convert a lead. Yes, your top A-level clients (buying or selling in the next 60 days) will buy and sell faster, but you want and need the B and C level leads.

5. Build your Mining Pipeline of leads.

Most of your leads aren't going to be A-level leads. That's okay. In fact, you want a mix of A, B and C-level clients (those with purchasing or selling timelines ranging from now to two years from now.) Your No. 1 priority each week is to add more people to your pipeline, then convert those opportunities into weekly appointments. Follow up with people for as long as it takes. A "not right now" isn't a "no."

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